What is the property owner association?

It is a requirement of everyone who owns property at The Hideout Golf Club and Resort, that you are a voting member of the POA. All resort members are also members of the POA, however, do not have voting rights. Each lot owned is one voting right.

What are the current POA dues?

Currently, the dues are $680 a year per lot, with discounts for owning more than one lot.

What happens if I don’t pay my POA dues?

You will lose access to all the amenities at the resort and will not be able to access any discounts or perks until you are paid in full.

Is there a board of directors?

Yes, there are currently 3 people on the board: Noah Marlin, Mick Jones, and Larry Henry. The base of operations for the POA is at the sales office and can be reached at 325-784-8000.

What Are the poa dues used for?

The money collected from dues goes towards the beautification of the resort and the common use areas and maintenance of amenities. It also goes towards insurance and operating costs for the Association.

What is the purpose of the Property Owner’s Association?

To act in accordance with the Texas Property Code and provide for and promote health, safety, and welfare of the members; to collect the annual maintenance charges; to administer the maintenance fund; to provide for the enforcement of recorded covenants, conditions and restrictions and to take other actions which are lawful, appropriate and in the best interest of the members. The POA provides for an Architectural Control Committee with control over improvements in the subdivisions.

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